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"No great thing is created suddenly"

Epictetus (Greek philosopher AD 55-c.135)

Hunters' Atelier is a mother and daughter partnership created from a shared love of art and design, the outdoors and the indoors, nature and life in all its glorious forms.

Specialising in creating unique works of art using ethically sourced wildlife heads, from Highland Cows to African Gazelles, we also extend our craft to any unique commissions, from head phones to furniture and interior design.

Our skulls are sourced in Scotland, some byproducts of the food industry and some reclaimed from Victorian pieces of taxidermy.

​All of our skulls are real, no resin or plastic forms, therefore have natural imperfections and imbalances in structure. There is no true symmetry, with one side always being slightly different to the other. 

all products are embellished with genuine swarovski crystals with each piece being completely unique.

Jane & Lauren


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