We are very happy to discuss any ideas you may have if you wish to commission your very own personalised piece of artwork.

At the same time we can discuss our terms for ordering a commissioned piece, proposed timescales and costs.

All commissioned work is undertaken in close consultation with you the client or your agent/representative.

We can source many varieties of animal skulls. If you have a particular skull in mind that is not on our website, please let us know as we can most probably find it for you. We would love to create something bespoke just for you!

For further details please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Can you create swarovski embellished products other than skulls?

Yes! we can create just about anything for you no matter the size. Whether is be embelliishing a piece of furniture, shoes or a simple product like a candle.

How long on average does is take for a product to be created?

It really does vary depending on the size and scale of the product. After your consultation and finalisation of design we will give you a time frame and date your item will be complete for.

Can your products be displayed outside?

We do advise against putting our products outside due to the horrible weather we often recieve. However, with your product you will recieve a care card explaining what you can and cannot do with your gorgeous design.

Will the swarovski crystals ever fall off my product?

No, If you follow our guidlines and look after your product with care and respect the way we advise, your crystals will stay firmly in place and should not ever fall off.

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